Endings and Beginnings

My instinct, when the world falls apart, is to tuck myself into a safe den and breathe in the silence of comfortable solitude. And since the wheel of seasons is turning toward winter anyway, the urge to hibernate until spring is strong.

Fall is always a time of endings, for me. We harvest corn from dry, brittle stalks and soybeans from faded, leafless stems. One by one our fields are left empty, dark earth turned under and waiting for spring. The songbirds head south while the forest drops leaves. At night, the coyotes sing the moon across the sky as frost glitters the pasture grass. Everything waits. Sleeps. Dreams.

But this year, I find myself on the brink of big changes and I felt like starting a blog was a good way to mark them. I’m avoiding social media because the noise was shredding my soul one careless word at a time, but I’m a writer and I needed a place to process my thoughts.

Here you’ll find bits about my wild horses, my writings, books I’m reading, and general farm life. I imagine this blog will evolve in the coming months as I get used to it, but for now…