Take Back the Dark

I am thrilled to announce that my poem, “Take Back the Dark,” is now live at NewMyths.com. You can read it here.

(It is such an unexpected honor to be included in this magazine. I really had no idea what I was doing when I wrote this poem. It just… happened. :P)


Gearing up for a 2017 Reading Challenge

I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I rarely take the time to track the books I’ve finished. A couple of months ago, I started listing titles on a page in my bullet journal (more on that later), but I’ve been looking for more consistent ways to log my reading. (No, I don’t intend to join Goodreads. I like notebooks for these sorts of things.)

I’ve also been approaching my reading with more thought and deliberation. Oh, I still grab whatever I crave and gobble it down! But I’m *also* looking for things to challenge or change me somehow.

And with the new year fast approaching, I decided I’d set up a reading challenge for myself. If anyone else would care to follow along, or use my list to build their own personal challenge, here it is in no particular order:

  1. An English translation of a foreign title
  2. A non-fiction book about a political or diplomatic issue
  3. A non-fiction book about economics
  4. A biography
  5. A banned book
  6. A new book by a woman of color
  7. A non-fiction book about ancient history
  8. A non-fiction book about horses
  9. A non-fiction book about writing
  10. A non-fiction book about space
  11. An award-winning children’s book
  12. A Man Booker Prize winner
  13. A National Book Award winner
  14. A Hugo Award winner
  15. A Tiptree Award winner
  16. A Newbery Medal winner
  17. A Pulitzer Prize winner
  18. A classic from my old TBR list
  19. A book from the New York Review of Books collection
  20. A book of poetry
  21. A libretto (Hamilton *coughcough* :D)
  22. A book picked up on impulse
  23. A book my grandmother used to own
  24. A book recommended on NPR
  25. A book recommended by my daughter

I will also be completing the Sirens 2017 reading challenge (found here) and intend to finish the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik.

Another element of my personal reading goals is to catch up on the magazines I tend to accumulate in un-opened piles. So, every month I’ll be reading National Geographic, the Smithsonian, American Spirit*, Archaeology* and Horse Illustrated cover to cover. 🙂

This leaves time to read whatever suits my mood on any given evening, too, so I think it will work quite well for me. I generally read between 100-150 books a year, but as I said, I’m not good at tracking them. This year I’ll keep a better list and share it next December!


*These aren’t actually monthly magazines, but I may refresh my memory on favorite articles.