Wind and Words

Day Two


So, this happened yesterday evening, when I went out to do the last check:

That’s the baby’s tag, off her neck. 😀 Now she looks like a proper member of the family.

This morning, as soon as she saw me, she came to the rails to say hello and get a few scritches on her forehead. She let me rub most of her body – legs are still a bit of a caution zone, but she’s slowly relaxing under my hand – and then she let me rub her with the halter. I can slip it over her nose, but the smallest halter I have is still too big for her (Trinity was a long yearling when I brought her home, and this baby is likely just a smidge over a year) so I need to hit the feed store tomorrow to find one that will fit.

I saw a hint of spice this afternoon – she didn’t like the wind flapping my shirt when I reached to pet her, and gave me an ugly bitey face – but a quick stomp of my boot and a warning buzz had her scooting backwards and rethinking her attitude PDQ. A second later, when I invited her toward me again, she walked up and calmly investigated every stitch of my clothes. No big deal. 😀

I forgot how much fun it is to play with a baby, to see them figure every little thing out for the first time. I love, love, love this part.

There’s a hint of shine under all that scruffy fuzz…

(First name I had picked out doesn’t seem to fit her, so I’m trying another.)