Who I Am

I’m a writer and wild horse advocate living in the heartland with my husband, two teenagers, three dogs, and a small herd of mustangs. I’m passionate about books, ballet, horses, and history. If I’m not hiking through the woods or riding around the farm, I can be found beside a stack of notebooks and a scatter of pens.

My publishing credits include:

  • “Seed Pearls” in As You Wish: The Loathly Lady (found here)
  • “Jim Towne Hollow and the Skinwitch” in The Edge of Propinquity (found here)
  • “Gypsy’s Moon” in Six Hens (found here)
  • “The Queen’s Dove” in Queens and Courtesans (found here)
  • “Take Back the Dark” in New Myths (found here)
  • “Feathers and Thread” in Witches and Warriors (found here)
  • “Carrots for Ranger” in the July/August 2018 issue of CRICKET Magazine